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mobile website development

There are a number of ways to present your website on a mobile phone or tablet.

We recommend using one that will make it easy for you to maintain, while looking great on any device.

Our favorite ways of going mobile are:

  1. Build your desktop site in WordPress so that it “responds” to the device its viewed on and organizes itself accordingly
  2. Build a simple-to-use navigate “app” style site in addition to your desktop site so visitors can get to the most vital information quickly and easily

We think these are the best methods for you, the site owner.

The first type, known as a RESPONSIVE site, delivers the exact same content to viewers, no matter what device they’re on. The beauty of this is that you just update info in one place, your WordPress admin, and it will cascade to all display versions of your site. This is great if you update and add content frequently.

The second, the “app” style site, is meant to compliment your desktop site, rather than replicate it. This is great if you have an organized list of content that you want mobile users to access super easily. Even if you don’t update your desktop website, you can always keep your mobile version up to date quickly and easily in WordPress.

In addition to these methods, we can also build a complete site dedicated to only appearing on mobile devices. This is a breeze for us, but keep in mind you have to maintain 2 sites if you update content frequently.

Mobile Website Development


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