cut-it out editing mobile "app" site

CIO Editing

Public relations guru and popular political and sports blogger, Willy Gissen, gave us a special request: he wanted a mobile website that would emulate an iPhone app.

We built the site so that each article could be assigned to a category, called "sections" in the app-style bottom nav.

Each article detail page has room for an image, and quickly takes you back to the home page or sections.

The phone number in the banner puts phone visitors just one click away from dialing CIO.

The admin is extremely easy to use, with the ability to upload and edit images on the fly, and add categories and pages quickly and easily.

Willy was so pleased with the result, that he's teaming up with Calico to offer app-style sites to his PR clients, creating and integrating the web friendly content that these sites require.


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