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As search engine optimization specialists for over a decade, we've watched the landscape change a lot.

The search engines tweak their top-secret algorithms constantly, and lately it seems that a solid social presence contributes to the "popularity" or "importance" of your site from a search engine point of view.

Dominating page one for your brand is important from a reputation management perspective too. Making sure your website, and ALL your social media outlets, take up the top rankings make it much more difficult for negative press to reach your prospects and customers.

We also provide local marketing, including mobile sites and optimization of your brand on local research and review sites.

For some companies, we may not even recommend a traditional web site - it's possible you can harness blogging and social media to fulfill all your SEO needs by taking full advantage of local and social media searches. This approach isn't for everyone, but if it suits your business model you may get more bang for your buck focusing on these venues instead of developing a traditional site.

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